Tuesday, May 4, 2010

One Picture-Bumps to the Pumps

There are many ways to describe the proper method of following the hoseline out of the fire area. Which one were you taught? Whatever method is taught in your department, it must be 100% clear to an individual whose life depends on it.


  1. In this method it must be made clear when training to show the firefighters the male and female connections and how they connect before the training begins. One should explain that the larger of the two couplings, the female should be the the first coupling that you encounter when reteating using this method of feeling alomng the hose line. The male being the latter or smaller coupling. As we all know the male goes to the fire so we should be going in the direction of the outer coupling , the female, as it points away from the nozel leading out of the danger zone.

  2. We Teach....... "Bump" "Bump" to the "Pump". Its kinda cheesy but catchy and easy to remember......stay safe.

  3. Smooth, bump, bump to the pump. Bump, bump, smooth and you are screwed.

  4. ...as one of our guys told me recently, the male coupling has the "big nuts"....pretty funny, but you definitely remember it.

  5. Only our 2 1/2 have threaded and our new rig which the 1 3/4 has thread. However the rest of our 13/4 is Stortz fitting???

    No were not lazy thats just what the chief at the time had purchased.

    But we use the "Bumps to the pump" as we are now pulling the 2 1/2 alot more then we used to for fires of interior attacks not just a surround and drown tool.

    Take Care Be Safe
    W Benner