Thursday, November 18, 2010

Deploying the New York Style Standpipe Fold

Deploying The New York Style Fold

By Ray McCormack

Press the seat belt button to unlock the belts you do not have to remove the belts. Grabbing the midpoint of a length allows it to deploy the hose fold quickly, smoothly and efficiently.

The lead length can be deployed up the stairs in one quick motion if needed.

The length is easily flaked out down the hall with minimal adjustment.

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  1. My department recently went to this method of deployment and size of attack line. Before the change, we were using 150’ of pre-connected 1 ¾ with a Chief nozzle. We have deployed the new pack in circumstances requiring long stretches with great success. Conversely, a department which we supply mutual aid to has decided to move away from the 2 ½ pack and use our “old” version that I described above. Given the flow rates, ease of deployment, and reduced susceptibility to other problems, this pack and how it is deployed is versatile and has become our volunteer department’s selection.