Thursday, February 24, 2011

Anniversary - Ray McCormack

By Ray McCormack

Publisher and Editor

Have I moved at all from one year ago today? Physically not really, because I am back at the Orlando Fire Conference where I was when Urban Firefighter magazine debuted. 'Urban' wasn’t launched: it was outed by persons unknown who were trolling the internet looking for signs of it. People found it - and like any media buzz, Urban quickly came to the attention of firefighters, authors, editors and pundits. I was surprised to hear the news, but was also glad that I could plug something that now was no longer a secret dream. Urban Firefighter Magazine was now out there for all to see and hopefully love.

We had many friends who were shocked to hear of our role in Urban. It was always hard not to share the development of the magazine with everyone - there were some leaks - but none were damaging. That February 25, was such a sweet moment of release. To finally be able to tell all who would listen that two firefighters just like them had done what was always whispered about: two firefighters created a fire magazine that rocked. Truthfully, I’ve moved quite a bit in the last year and Urban has been my guide. I’m back at the Orlando Fire Conference spreading the message of training and the beauty of Urban to all who will listen and travel along with us into the future.

Thanks for your support and Keep Fire in Your Life

Ray McCormack
Publish and Editor, Urban Firefighter Magazine

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