Monday, April 11, 2011

The Aggressees

The Aggressees

by Ray McCormack

Many do not understand the Agressees at all

Prefering to think them a bit outta sync

Some call it old school, with a snicker and scowl

Old school or new, the Agressees adapt

for a 360 is simply a lap

easily done in a snap

for the Agressees, its simple, flat out is the speed

Which is always best tempered by need

Many do not understand the Agressees at all

Who love to kill the enemy, spring, summer, winter and fall

They break things; and move forward to battle the beast

Hit em’ with water to melt em’ away

Some still do not understand the need for a good spray

They look for the hidden, who are hidden indeed

To find them fills our core need

The Agressees are chided for being so bold

But you have to remember, their just doing as told

For them, its simple, kill the beast and go home

And when you save a life, is a treat all its own

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