Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Justice for my Brothers' Killer

Justice for My Brothers' Killer

By Ray McCormack

The news that Osoma bin Laden was killed was great news - and will remain great news forever. The death of this famed coward who killed 343 members of my department along with thousands of other innocent victims is justice served. This news is the culmination of a pledge made to America and the FDNY that we would not rest until the murders responsible were caught and brought to justice. The news made me especially proud of our military and security forces, happy that justice was finally served, and peaceful that now this monster that has over shadowed our lives does so no more.

America needs to remember the inspiration 343 firefighters provided us on that terrible day. Today is the day America’s promise to itself was fulfilled; and while we all felt sad and confused on 9/11 we can all feel good about this news. One death can have much healing power; those directly affected by loss have one less concern today.

My brothers do not physically walk among us any more, however, what they did and what they stood for on 9/11 inspired the world. Their sacrifice can never be diminished through forgetfulness, neglect or cultural shift. They are heroes who will live on forever in every firefighter that hears their story. God Bless America and the FDNY.

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  1. well said and a nice article.

    God bless you all in America.