Sunday, April 25, 2010

FDIC 2010

Wow...another great FDIC. Didn't go? I guess we don't know where to begin, but we'll give the long short story a shot: Ray and I made it in to Indy on Friday to gear up for Ray's workshop program(s) and my "Engine Company: Essentials" hands-on class. The engine class was sold out and we were able to train over two-hundred people over two days. It's always great to talk and walk the engine stuff and we were glad to see smiles as people dragged themselves back to the buses.

As for the rest of the week, Urban Firefighter Magazine had a booth across from Fire Engineering Books; and we saw a ton of traffic. Many of you had already heard about us and we made sure that those who didn't were pulled into the booth. How did we do it? Easy, we had plenty of help from Urban Firefighter Girl:

In all seriousness however, we enjoyed meeting new people and putting faces to the names of those we have been talking with for a while over the computer. The exhibits were packed and those who stopped by our booth also had the ability to purchase official Urban Firefighter shirts. It was the best deal going at FDIC and we will be selling official merchandise on the site very soon.

We had a huge announcement on Thursday; and if you missed it, here it is:

Afterwords, we sat down with Chief Bobby Halton, Editor-in-Chief of Fire Engineering Magazine, to discuss the partnership and what our act was about:

The announcement was well received by those in attendance and solidified Fire Engineering's and Urban Firefighter Magazine's desire to bring the very best in fire service academia, culture and media to you all. Ray and I aren't going anywhere and look forward to working with: Pennwell, Fire Engineering and FDIC, to provide the very content that you all look forward to in Urban Firefighter Magazine. Also, don't even think about missing next year's FDIC. It will surely be one that can't be missed academically and culturally. Furthermore, we are in the process of developing an Urban Firefighter Magazine track at FDIC that will be unlike anything you have participated in before.

FDIC wrapped up on Saturday and as always, was an incredible week. Thanks again to everyone who has supported Urban Firefighter Magazine; my wife Heather for also helping in the booth; P.J. for his help in getting the booth ready; The pipers who sported our shirts; and our authors and photographers. We couldn't have done it without you all. See you all next year at FDIC!


  1. It's amazing what a difference a year makes.

  2. Gentlemen great job, awesome news and THANK YOU for keeping fire in our lives.

    Im Wayne Benner and I like going to fires as well :L)

    again congrats brothers..

  3. Congratulations. Looking to view the next issue

  4. Thanks Urban Firefighter Magazine for making me a part of your team, this was a great experience!!! And thank you to all who came to see us!!

    ~ Urban Firefighter Girl

  5. I heard something was in the works and I'm excited for all of us! I know the two of you have a a long road ahead but the road just got a lot smoother. I look forward to this new beginning in your long and sometimes tough past. I also value and appreciate you both as brothers who care and are wanting to continue to make a difference! Bobby is the man and I am proud to have you all along with many others in my corner!

    My name is Brad and even though I'm frozen,I love being an urban firefighter and I love to go to fires!


  6. Awesome news!

  7. Great job, gentleman!