Monday, April 19, 2010

Rail Cut

There are many things to size-up when approaching store gates. What would some of these things be? One pressing question every truck asks itself upon arrival is whether or not to cut the locks. In these photos, the rail is cut above and below the lock and pin. By placing the cuts close to the lock, we will have less metal to bend backward. Use the fork of the halligan to bend the rail away which will release the pin. Finally, what type of lock would amost always make this the first option to get through the gate?


  1. just out of curiosity why not cut the shackle on the lock? even if its a good lock, i.e. american 700, and you have to cut both legs i think it would be a better way to get the lock off and the pin out of the gate.

    as for having this as an 'almost always' first option to get the pin out and the hockey puck lock suggestion i would say if its an american 2000 style cut the lock. however if it is the american 2500 series, the hockey puck style with the key way in the face of the lock, then maybe because of the amount of stainless steel in the lock body.

    just throwing some additional options out there.